Saturday 22 September 2012

Junior Hockey Shows Leadership

This week the OHL made a major rules announcement designed to put an end to one-dimensional fighters.  But they weren’t the only junior league implementing progressive measures that will reduce fighting in the game.  The USHL, CJHL and WHL all had press releases recently with a similar direction, if perhaps different approaches.

Sunday 2 September 2012

Enforcers “Protect” Their Teammates

Here it is, the biggest myth that NHL general managers, coaches, players and fans trot out at every opportunity.  Enforcers are an important part of the hockey roster because they “protect” the stars from cheap shots.  You simply have to forget the fact that stars have been the target of spearing, slashing and punished by legal and illegal hits for the past 40 years while enforcers have been a regular part of NHL rosters.  But the game is safer with these guys in the line-up.